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Investigating the death of a publisher

In Original Sin, a 1994 Adam Dalgliesh mystery by P.D.James, Peverell Press, “one of the oldest – perhaps the oldest – publishing firm in the country, founded in 1792” is in financial trouble. “The firm”, we learn, “has got to … Continue reading

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Does anybody actually finish a book…?

“Tell me the truth. Does anybody actually finish a book once they have formed an opinion of it?‘ asks Sarah Jessica Parker in her role as Sarah Geldhart in the 1996 movie The Substance of Fire, adapted by Jon Robin … Continue reading

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Editors of definitive dictionaries

The editor is hard at work in 1984. ‘The Eleventh Edition is the definitive edition,’ he said. ‘We’re getting the language into its final shape – the shape it’s going to be in when nobody speaks anything else. When we’ve … Continue reading

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Crime fiction for the journey to Odessa

The publisher in Chekhov’s early story wonders if readers of crime fiction are becoming bored by the formulaic plots on offer, and tells the budding author, Ivan Petrovich Kamyshev, so. ‘It’s not a question of truth…You don’t necessarily have to … Continue reading

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