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Race as an issue in New York publishing

In A Meeting in the Ladies’ Room by Anita Doreen Diggs, Jackie Blue works for Welburn Books, and isn’t it fun! Down Editors’ Row I marched, passing the open doors of my brethren who were already caught up in the … Continue reading

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Controversial publishing in 1990

In a chapter called September 1990 (right at the end of the Thatcher years) of Jonathan Coe’s What a Carve Up, Michael Owen goes to see two publishers about his book on the Winshaws. They have quite different views about … Continue reading

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A cold war publisher called Blair

“If your friend’s novel is published by the great house of Abercrombie & Blair, believe me, you can be assured of total privacy”, a rival facetiously points out to Katya Orlova towards the beginning of John Le CarrĂ©’s The Russia … Continue reading

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