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Bacon book means Pen writes to order

In Thackeray’s Pendennis, young Pen gets his first opportunity to be a published poet in “a beautiful gilt volume called the Spring Annual, edited by the Lady Violet Lebas, and numbering among its contributors not only the most eminent, but … Continue reading

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Roger Micheldene’s publishing judgement

In 1964, at the time of the US publication of One Fat Englishman, D.A.N. Jones wrote in The New York Review of Books that the “hero, the gross and shameless Roger Micheldene, is very low in the literature bracket, a … Continue reading

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Jedwood profits from word of mouth promotion

The publisher had hoped for this. Mr. Jedwood was an energetic and sanguine man, who had entered upon his business with a determination to rival in a year or so the houses which had slowly risen into commanding stability. He … Continue reading

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Dauriat and the power of a good or bad review

Un autre fait expliquera cette puissance des articles. Un livre de monsieur de Châteaubriand sur le dernier des Stuarts était dans un magasin à l’état de rossignol. Un seul article écrit par un jeune homme dans le Journal des Débats … Continue reading

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